Weapon Specialist

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About the job

Core Accountabilities

  • Assembles prototypes for/with respective project engineer/s. Provides feedback and improvement suggestions for the next prototype and/or industrialization/production stage. Assembles all required accessories.
  • Works autonomously or in cooperation with T&E to test and evaluate prototypes. Is experienced enough to reliably conduct accuracy tests and evaluate them.
  • Follows established processes and procedures, wherever applicable
  • Creates and implements an R&D department-wide unified testing and evaluation framework for all current and future product types. Works with T&E to implement said framework on production level, wherever possible.
  • Submits reports regarding assembility, functionality, safety, accuracy and general technical condition of prototypes
  • Researches and submits reports regarding current and future small arms trends, incl. patent research
  • Is responsible for the departments armory, incl. access control, weapon tracking, technical condition of the weapons, inventory audits etc.
  • Helps designers create a list of reference products for current and future projects. Follows up on orders.
  • Is responsible for the department’s ammunition stock, resupply and maintenance
  • Takes part in outside testing and demonstrations, if required
  • Takes part in the design process of assembly fixtures and tools, based on experience during prototype stage
  • Heavily assists Assembly and T&E department throughout industrialization

Experience & Educational Qualifications

  • Professional or bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing/Mechanical /Production with background in the firearms industry.
  • 5+ years of experience in the industry – small arms field is an advantage
  • Working knowledge of manual and machine metalwork.
  • Gunsmith experience
  • Working experience with MS Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Key Skills

  • Working knowledge of contemporary small arms design, operation and manufacture, consumer and weapon legislation, industry and trade practices
  • Knowledge of engineering policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of Manufacturing and Assembly techniques
  • Knowledge and understanding of engineering principles
  • Risk management

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